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Lophophora 'Jourdaniana' (Peyote)

Family: Cactaceae

Subfamily: Cactoideae

Tribe: Cacteae

Botanical Name: Lophophora 'Jourdaniana'

Extensions: This is thought to be a cultivar, origins unknown.

English Name(s): Peyote, Peyotl, Devil's Root, Dumpling Cactus, Mescal, Mescal Button, Whiskey Cactus.


Related Species:

Description: Lophophora 'Jourdaniana' is best defined by having small spines even at maturity, pink filament colour (not white) and often a more columnar growth habit.

Rib form: Wavy, sometimes variable. Resembles L. fricii or L. diffusa somewhat.

Max. size:


Areoles: Has small spines, especially obvious when young, wooly.

Roots: Large tap root, as in all Lophophora

Reproduction: Self-sterile.

Flower Morphology: Has a dark pink colour, and resembles that of L. fricii more than others. The filaments are not white, but pink, unlike all other Lophophora species.

Petal colour: Dark pink-red/purple.

Filament colour: Pink-purple (other Lophophora are white)



Notes: The origins of this plant are unknown, and not currently known to exist in the wild. It is thought this is a cultivar, or a hybrid of Lophophora and something. Speculation of Lophophora and Turbinicarpus or Mammillaria parents is said to be the cause of Lophophora Jourdaniana. Another opinion is that these were wild collected plants chosen and bred for their flower colour. This does not explain, however, why only cultivated L. Jourdaniana have spines, and all other Lophophora do not.

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