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Lophophora fricii var. albiflora

Family: Cactaceae

Subfamily: Cactoideae

Tribe: Cacteae

Botanical Name: Lophophora fricii var albiflora

Extensions: var. albiflora

English Name(s): Peyote, Peyotl, Devil's Root, Dumpling Cactus, Mescal, Mescal Button, Whiskey Cactus.

Synonyms: N/A

Related Species: Lophophora fricii.


Rib form:

Max. size: With age single heads of 20 cm are possible, but takes many years. Lophophora fricii usually branch a bit and form large clusters of "buttons".

Skin: Often a dull bluish green, sometimes greyish.

Areoles: Spineless and woolly.

Roots: Large tap root, as in all Lophophora. Large Lophophora fricii may have 20+ cm long tap roots.

Reproduction: Self sterile. Needs 2 plants to successfully fertilize the ovules.

Flower Morphology:

Petal colour: White.


Seeds: [Photo]

Notes: Lophophora fricii var. albiflora is a L. fricii variety that has a white flower.

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