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Lophophora diffusa cv. 'Implants'

Family: Cactaceae

Subfamily: Cactoideae

Tribe: Cacteae

Botanical Name: Lophophora diffusa

Extensions: cv. 'Implants'

English Name(s): Peyote, Peyotl, Devil's Root, Dumpling Cactus, Mescal, Mescal Button, Whiskey Cactus.

Synonyms: Lophophora echinata, Lophophora ziegleri.

Description: Lophophora diffusa cv. 'Implants' Is a selective bred form of Lophophora diffusa that has enlarged tubercles. Through generations of breeding, the largest "lumps" have been selected to continue the line as to make them larger and larger.

History: The history behind our own project is as follows. The original plants were bought in Japan from a local cactus breeder here in Taiwan. These plants were slightly more "shaped" than many L. diffusa plants. The breeder here continued to breed these and eventually got the lumps to become larger and larger.

My Parent plants are F2, F3, and F4 generation plants which I bought from this breeder. The photos shown are F2 of my own crossings between these main parent plants and a few other random L. diffusa I have that show interesting rib form.

As time goes on, I will continue to breed these excessively large lumped L. diffusa to make them even more. The name 'Implants' was chosen as it appears that these plants are regular in all ways but had some form of implant put under the skin. But don't worry, these breed true.

F1 Generation.

F2 Generation.

F3 Generation.

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